Regular maintenance is essential to maintain the performance and condition of your tender. Whether it is for a mechanical overhaul or a repair, our technicians will be able to find an answer and establish an accurate diagnosis.

Beyond the manufacturers' recommendations, at Mike Marine a meticulous check is carried out because regular maintenance of your dinghy will protect it from marine constraints and guarantee optimal operation. The annual service or every 50 hours is an element of longevity and safety of primary importance. Ensuring maintenance, carrying out a technical assessment at Mike marine after the navigation season makes it possible to anticipate any failure and keep your tender in perfect condition. After being recovered and taken to the workshop by our crane trucks, our mechanics will apply the control protocol of 66 technical points to your tender (resulting in the automatic validation of the second year of warranty).

Mike Marine is the only specialist for France and Monaco, as such we rely on our subdealers to assist customers who are in their area of ​​intervention (Santarelli Marine in Corsica and Sud Croisière in Cap d'Agde). We offer full technical support to any Williams tender owner and are always there with expert advice when needed.

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